Friday, April 12, 2013

Guess the Move Training with Chess Hero

Here is a short video showing how you can use Chess Hero to do guess the move training. I apologize that the audio isn't the best. I need to work on the setup a bit more. This was partially a test to figure out how to use Open Broadcaster Software so I can create videos in the future. Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I haven't seen this software.

    Audio for videos requires a bit of gear. If you use a mic connected to a computer sound card, you'll get noisy audio. Those micro RCA jacks are not shielded and the cables are poorly shielded.

    Also, computer mics tend to be omnidirectional. They'll pic up the fan and harddrive noise, a/c, room fans, etc.

    I recommend you look into A USB mixer. I use one from Line 6 that has audio processing built into it. Otherwise, you'll need an audio compressor, too, in order to get the signal to noise right.

    Also, you'll need a highly direction mic, shielded cable, and good mic techique. Add a foam wind suppressor and keep your mouth close to the mic.

    By doing all that, you'll keep your signal high and the noise low, so you can use noise removal in post-processing and not degrade your audio appreciably.

    Also, leave yourself some editing headrom. The signal should come in at something like -10 to -12db.