Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Recent additions to the bookshelves

I had a long break from buying any chess materials, but have picked up a few things recently.

Vladimir Tukmakov's Modern Chess Preparation  -- the chapter on deciding (important) games looks to be interesting

Yusupov's Chess Evolution 2 & Chess Evolution 3 --  completing the series of 9 books.

Neil McDonald's Chess Success: planning after the opening (kindle) -- I have enjoyed his other game collections so I doubt this one will disappoint.

Najdorf's Zurich 1953 (kindle) -- Considered by some to be even better than Bronstein's work.

Grivas's Chess Analytics (kindle) -- another interesting looking game collection

Soltis's updated Pawn Structure Chess (kindle)

Dvoretsky's Tragicomedy in the Endgame (kindle)

Karsten Muller's ChessCafe Puzzle Book 2, 3, & 4 (kindle)

Willy Hendriks's Move First, Think Later

Rabinovich's Russian Endgame Handbook

Jonathan Hawkins's Amateur to IM

Plenty to keep me busy for a long time. Now to find a place to put them. Since last August I have been working remotely from home, and by bookcases are filled with books on programming, computer science, and kernel internals. Most of my chess books are currently stashed in plastic storage containers.

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