Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A couple of recent quick wins on the LSS correspondence server

Here are a couple of games that finished in the last day or so. In the first case, I'm not sure what he calculated when he played 14..Nc7, but he just dropped a piece and had my rook deep into his position. In the second game we went from the 2.c3 Sicilian into a French Advance structure, and he castled right into a nasty attack. The 2 games have gotten me off to quick start in my prelim section, but I am in a crazy King's Gambit game against the top rated player in the section and an exchange Grunfeld against the #2 player. So it will be interesting to see how the rest of the round turns out.

For anyone looking for a place to play correspondence chess, I highly recommend the Lechenicher Schach Server site. It is an outgrowth of one of the older internet correspondence organizations, the Internet Email Chess Group. So it has a lot of history behind it, and it is free. They have no engine events as well as events where engines are allowed. The no engine cups seem to be pretty popular, and new ones are starting all the time.


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