Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Recent arrivals for the library

Here are some recent additions to my collection the past few months.

Capablanca's 100 Best Games - Golombek
10 Greatest Ways To Get Better At Chess - Nigel Davies
Complete c3 Sicilian - Sveshnikov
Nunn's Chess Endings vol. 1 & 2 - Nunn
King and Pawn Endings - Fishbein
Pawn Power in Chess (algebraic) - Kmoch
Grandmaster Chess Strategy - Kaufeld & Kern
A Contemporary Approach to the Middlegame - Suetin
Chess Lessons - Popov
Boost Your Chess: Mastery - Yusupov
Chess Duels - Seirawan
Vienna 1922 - Evans
New York 1927 - Alekhine
Rate Your Endgame - Mednis & Crouch

The c3 Sicilian book is a rare thing for me. I tend to avoid buying opening books, but I am very interested in the c3 Sicilian and Sveshnikov's book is highly regarded.


  1. I see you you purchased Capablanca's 100 best games! I want to get that. I went through Capablanca's best endings by Chernev.

    The Capablanca course for Peshka is VERY cool!

  2. Yeah, I was able to find a used copy of a reprint of it that was published by British Chess Magazine. It is not algebraic like the Batsford edition, but it will work.