Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kasimdzhanov–Kasparov, Linares 2005

This week I have managed to get in my daily tactics workout, and I read through Andrew Soltis’ Studying Chess Made Easy once again to refresh my memory on suggestions for studying. The book should really be titled Studying Chess Efficiently, but that doesn’t have as nice a marketing sound to it as the other.

Last night I worked on identifying threats using a method proposed by Soltis. You play through a game from white side stopping at each black move, and identify any threats being made by black. Once through the game flip the board and do it again, identifying threats being made by white. I was using a issue of TWIC for this and worked through 3 games.

I also decided to work through Crouch’s Modern Chess: Move by Move using Soltis’ recommendations on working through master games. Last night’s game was Kasimdzhanov – Kasparov, Linares 2005. What struck me was Kasparov giving up the exchange for White’s most active piece, and the nice example of exchanging material for the opponent’s king safety. Also exchanging the correct pieces. I imagine a lot of people would have traded off their knight instead of the light squared bishop, but Kasparov wanted to keep the knight because it could attack dark squares.

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