Thursday, May 19, 2011

Interesting Karpov Quote

I read this today while looking at some posts on self improvement on the chessblogger blog (link on the right side of this page).

“Some chess players, would give up after a loss or two, but a real player would realize that a series of defeats has to be followed by better luck, and wait for his chance”.

Good quote to remember to shake off losses and continue on to your next game. Bronstein has also said many good things with regards to handling losses as well, basically stating that each loss is an opportunity to learn.

I have kept up my daily tactics solving routine. I have been hovering around 1820-1830 on chesstempo, but took a drop today and I am sitting around 1810. I was being too superficial in my analysis and it cost me.

I have finished the section on fixed centers in Kotov's article on pawn formations, so I only have the section on dynamic centers left. I have also finished the section on knights and bishops in Silman's Reassess Your Chess 4th edition, and I  am currently working on the chapter dealing with the interaction of knights and bishops. I have decided to work on calculation by working through Donaldson and Minev's book on Rubinstein using Silman's study regime for calculation given in the 3rd edition of his book. It should really help with organizing my thought process and improving my analysis.

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