Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tarrasch - von Scheve, 1883

Another Tarrasch game that I played through tonight. I was working on selecting candidate moves. Andrew Soltis in his latest work Studying Chess Made Easy suggested a method of using master games for candidate move training. Play the game from 1 side, and each time it is that side's turn to move, come up with a list of candidate moves that quickly come to mind and write them down. You are not supposed to analyze! After writing them down, take a couple more minutes and look and see if there is something you missed. Then play the move in the game, rinse and repeat. I kept slipping into analyzing instead of just selecting CMs. It was interesting training though. It was interesting to see what moves I didn't have in my lists, and always fun when the move was in my list. I love the ending to the game.

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