Saturday, May 8, 2010

Training Update

I have managed to continue getting in my daily dose of tactics problems on I broke the 2500 level for the 1st time the other week. My success rate has started to fall since I reached that level though. Most of my chess time lately though is involved with going through a book NM Joel Johnson is working on, and looking for mistakes, both with editing and with chess. It is interesting work, and the book is about attacking chess so it is fun material as well.

I have also been reading through Dan Heisman's Elements of Positional Evaluation.

I will probably play through some more of Tarrasch's games today, and maybe finish off the last part of Kotov's work on central pawn formations.

I still need to spend some time working on my opening repertoire, and start playing some blitz online to help work on it.

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