Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another Tarrasch game from the Nurnberg Chess Congress of 1883

Here is one of the games I played through last night. Tarrasch sacs the exchange to force a winning endgame.

One thing I have been doing is following some advice from the book Developing Chess Talent. It talks about going through a game 3 times. I have heard that before from Bronstein, but this time they say to do predict-a-move on the 3rd time through the game. What I have found is that by the 3rd time I can play through the whole game for both sides. There are other things you are supposed to do, such as state a reason why that move is good. I have been surprised at how easily some of the games are staying with me. They haven't been very long, this one here probably being the longest so far. The first time a game stuck with me like that was when I played through Short - Timman from Tilburg 1991. It is an Alekhine's Defense game where Short ends up marching his king up the board to help his Queen mate Timman, and there is nothing that Timman's forces can do to stop it. It struck me as a humorous game. Anyways, back to scheduled programming.

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