Sunday, April 4, 2010

Training Update for weekend of 4/4/2010

I didn't spend that much time this weekend on chess. I did continue my daily tactics problem solving work on I have gotten my rating back to around 2250 on there.

I have been reading the chapter on various pawn center structures in the Kotov & Keres work, The Art of the Middle Game. Kotov discusses different types of pawn centers and the kind of plans that are usually involved when they exist.I have gone through the sections on closed and open centers, and I am starting in on the section on mobile pawn centers. I saw this chapter mentioned in another book, so I thought I'd read through it, and then continue working through Chess Strategy for Club Players.

I finished playing through the Berlin chapter of Tarrasch's 300 Games with a board and pieces. Next up is the chapter on his time in Halle.

I also played up through round 9 of Cambridge Springs 1904 on the computer.

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