Saturday, March 27, 2010

Back in training

Well it has been about 6 months now since our daughter was born, and this past month I have finally gotten back into the routine of studying chess.

I followed some recent Jeremy Silman advice of playing through lots of games very quickly on the computer for pattern recognition. This past week I played through all 19 rounds of St Petersburg 1909. I plan on going through a lot of tournaments this way.

I finished working my way through McDonald's The Art of Planning in Chess. I started over from scratch in Silman's endgame course, but it should only take a few days to get back up through the class C section.

The main thing I am working on right now is working through Chess Strategy for Club Players. I have continued my daily tactics problem solving on as well. It is nice to know that my horrid streak in form on the solving right after Julia was born was mostly likely a combination of stress and exhaustion, and not the result of something breaking in my brain which is what it seemed like at the time. I need to make sure I moderate my time spent tactics problems. It gets addicting to sit there and work them one after the other. I think 25/day at most is more than enough. Wherever I end up for the day is where I end up. I don't need to keep trying to raise my score if I had a bad run. It will most likely just cause more frustration and a further drop. Better to wait and get the points back on the next session.

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