Saturday, September 5, 2009

Chess Hero, a chess training program

I just came across this program in a forum post on today. It is a program that presents you random positions selected from pgn files that you provide it. You choose your move for the position and then it scores it against a chess engine's analysis.

Somewhat of a variation on the guess-the-move feature at, which has you play as 1 side through a whole game, and scores your play based on engine analysis (using toga or fruit I believe). In this case you can use either uci or xboard engines and customize the init commands. You can create different training profiles that contain a selection of pgn files to be used in that training. You can set some as being books, so it can also train you on your knowledge of an opening, and not penalize you for not playing what the engine determines is the best move. Apparently it likes the modern variation of the Alekhine's best, not the exchange variation which leads to the voronezh, which is what I am studying. Once you add a pgn file with the lines that are your book it will no longer present those positions from non-book pgn files, and it won't score them when presented from book pgn files, just tell you whether you are correct or wrong.

It seems to be a fairly new program, so it will be interesting to see how he evolves it. I had considered trying to build something like this at one time, so I am glad someone else has taken on the task. I still have some other ideas for chess training programs that I might try putting together at some point. Right now I'd rather study and play chess in my free time than program :).

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