Thursday, September 10, 2009

Beatiful Position posted by Susan Polgar today

Susan has the following position on her website from a game between Kraai and Kavutskiy this weekend in the So Cal Open in San Diego.

I spent time this afternoon analyzing it from a printout of the position, and when I got home I set it up on a board and analyzed it some more. Very fun position to work on.

Some analysis below:

1.Ne7+ Kh8 2.Q:f6

A) 2..Qg4 3.Qc3 {my earlier idea of 3.Bf3 pretty much gives up the advantage gained since the N is guarding g4 and can prevent f6 from being taken g:f6 B:g4 N:g4 f3 Ne5 f4 Nd7} Nd7 4.Bf3 {White can play it now though} Qg5 5.h4 Qf6 6.Q:f6 g:f6 7.f:e3 {and white is up 2 pieces}

B) 2..e5 3.B:e5 Qg4 4.Qd6 Re8 5.Rc8 R:c8 6.B:c8 Qd1+ 7.Q:d1 N:d1 8.Bg4 {this line was found by Rybka after I did my analysis. I didn't even consider e5 as a response.}

C) 2...Q:b2 3.Q:b2 {and white has a nice material advantage.}

D) 2..Nf5 3.N:f5 Qg4

D1) 4.Q:f7 {another line found by Rybka after I completed my analysis and a nice mating net to boot} h6 5.B:g7+ Kh7 6.B:f8+ Kh8 7.Bg7+ Kh7 8.Bf6+ Qg7 9.Q:g7#

D2) 4.Rc4 Nd7 5.Q:g7+ Q:g7 6.B:g7+ Kg8 7.Rg4 {this is the line I analyzed}

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