Thursday, August 27, 2009

Something to look out for when using Peshka

When using Peshka and ChessOK training modules there is something to look out for. If you are not using a course that is a bunch of problems, say for example the Strategy 2.0, go into tools, options, play, and uncheck the random vertical mirror and random horizontal mirror options. If you do not, this will lead to some very odd interactions within the course, with game fragments being mirrored and the commentary making no sense whatsoever. Those options are useful when doing something like CT-ART 3.0, or perhaps some studies, but for things like Encyclopedia of the Middlegame or Strategy 2.0 it is confusing when you run into it. It would be nice if you could set options at the module level. I'm not sure if that is currently possible. I guess I need to buy another course and find out. :D

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