Monday, August 24, 2009

ChessOK/Convekta Leaps into the 21st Century

Chess software producer ChessOK, formerly Convekta, have finally decided to update the interfaces for their software products. In the past year they have developed the Aquarium interface for doing chess analysis with an engine, mainly Rybka, and now they have updated the interface to be used with their training courses.

The new training software is called peshk@, peshka is Russian for pawn. They have changed the courses so that they are modules that are loaded into this one interface, making it easier for end users to keep track of their courses and work on areas they need improvement in.

It remains to be seen whether Chess Assistant will get a facelift, or if it will be overtaken by the Aquarium interface. If I remember correctly from reading on the Aquarium forums, the plan is that Aquarium is the future.

To play with the Peshka interface I went ahead and purchased the module for Chess Strategy 2.0. They offer upgrade prices for people that have older versions of the training products, so I will probably see about getting CT-ART and the other programs I have upgraded to the new interface. It is much more pleasing to look at and use.

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